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Ravensbourne Forest Chalets

Romantic getaway holiday accommodation in Ravensbourne, located just 90 minutes from Brisbane. Ravensbourne Forest Chalets offer a private and tranquil experience, ideal for romantic getaways.


Is it time for that quick break away from the stresses of life?  Do you have plans for a short break?

That’s right, it is a good time to take a quick drive to the High Country to enjoy a break with  the luxury of double spa baths.  The chalets are all air conditioned so you are guaranteed of a good nights sleep.  The song of the birds, frogs and forest creatures seems better than ever this year.  I am sure they have enjoyed the few showers that have made everything so lush and green.

Look at our friendly koala who came to stay at the chalets. We hope he stays a long time.  He is a very welcome guest.  Last week two koalas (a mother and her young) crossed the driveway and climbed a tree nearby.  Yay.  Recently we are seeing more Koalas at the chalets.  

I recently added 5 alpacas to our animal friends. They love to be fed alpaca pellets from the drum of food.  They are quiet animals.









To book your chalet either Phone us on  07 4697 8185 or book here on our website.  I look forward to welcoming you.


Escape from the city and the daily grind. The only thing that will wake you up each morning is the call of the whip bird or cat bird.

Ravensbourne Forest Chalets | 84 Palmtree Rd, Palmtree, Qld 4352, Australia | Tel: 07 4697 8185 | Email: